Subject: How To Do Working A HSF Conexant Modem Under Linux.
From: Legrand, Emeric <>
Date: Mon, 5 Feb 2001 23:51:54 +0100

Hello, I have found a way to use the "Elsa Microlink 56k PCI HSF" modem on Linux. 
That very simple, and I've tested it on a Mandrake 7.0 distribution with the 2.2.14mdk
-*- First, you must download the Olitec drivers for Conexant HSF modem. 
Install it, sorry for english guys but the page is in french, and my english is too
poor for doing a good traduction. 
Here's the direct address to download the driver: 
-*- The second way, is to search the vendor ID of your modem under Windows(very bad
thing). When you find this, 
it's something like this: 
Please note, that we don't use the revision "&REV1" for the next step. 
-*- Put this vendor ID in the configuration file of the driver, this file is named "lin_hsf.inf",
respecting the syntax. 
Here's the syntax: 
	 %HSFModem% = ModemX, PCI\VEN_14F1&DEV_2014&SUBSYS_15401048 
-*- Now you can load the driver by launching "ins_all", simply in shell with "./ins_all".

Warning, you have to do this every time you launch Linux !!! 
-*- Now, you can configure the ppp client with your ISP's configuration, and connect
the Internet. 
Have fun with your HSF Modem !!! 
If you have any problem, please email me: 

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