Subject: Soon Re: Creatix V.90 HaM
From: Marvin Stodolsky <>
Date: Thu, 22 Feb 2001 13:17:12 +0000


Some 20 of us on this List have served as a test group for this modem
Ambient/Intel HaM - MD5628D under Linux.  It's formal release is
expected shortly.

Be patient a while.

>rossini wrote:
> Hi, I'm new on this group.
> I saw this discussion-group on site
in section about my modem (Ambient/Intel HaM - MD5628D -, PCI).
> In this section, at place of drivers, I've read:
> [Intel has requested that this alpha driver not be posted. An official release
is in the works.],
> with no download available for this file (that, as I've read on this discussion, its
very important, the file ham.o).
> May anybody send me this file?
> Then, after I've got the ham.o, how install it? (must I recompiling the kernel?),
and then ?
> Excuse for my english, I'm italian and know it only a few!
> Matteo
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