Subject: WRONG, Marv is working on something similiar Re: AMR/CNR support
From: Marvin Stodolsky <>
Date: Mon, 05 Feb 2001 23:58:41 -0500

MarvS has NO coding competence beyond bits of script, hacked off

It is MARK SPIETH who is doing deep coding with Understanding, with 
nice occasional fixs from others with Deep Expertise.

MarvS is good at finding weak points in ways bizarre, in Mark's trail
packages.  There is thereby a more rapid evolution of fail safes, which
will minimize self inflicted wounds during the full public release. 

It's a good break from my paying job, and being 12 hours off schedule,
Mark & Marv don't have enough time to get frustrated with one another.
For example, it took 2 days and 4 emails to realize that a standard rpm
a) wasn't used in the previous builds of ltmodem.tar.gz --> ltmodem.rpm
b) was resident on Mark's PC but not Marv'S Debian Linux installation
c) was needed by Mark's new build_rpm script
d) is simply created by command: rpm --initdb
e) this issue will be in the ltmodem-5.78e* documentation
f) You won't have that problem.
g) a BUG report will be filled with the Debian rpm.deb maintainer.
rpm --initdb should be a default in the Debian rpm.deb installer!
A Debian can't be expected to know rpm subtleties!!
Under Debian Linux, rpm is mostly used for slurping Packages.rpm into
Packages.deb installer format with the guidance of "alien.deb tools" 


>I believe Marv is working on something similiar.

>"Ian D . Stewart" wrote:
> On 2001.02.05 19:42:35 -0500 Myung Kim wrote:
> > Hi All,
> > Has anybody used AMR or CNR card for modem in "Linux"? (AMR=Audio Modem
> > Riser, CNR=Communication & Networking Riser)
> Hello Myung,
> I'm working on a mid-level driver between MarvS' linmodem software driver
> and the AC '97 Codec.
> I believe Marv is working on something similiar.
> Disclaimer: I'm a complete novice when it comes to device driver coding,
> and am pretty much picking things up as I go.
> Regards,
> Ian