Subject: Problems with ltmodem.o with 2.2.15
From: Ian Carr-de Avelon <>
Date: Tue, 16 May 2000 14:30:42 +0200

>I used to have no problems using the lucent binary driver in 2.2.14, all I
>had to do was insmod -f and everything run fine.
>I have a Lucent modem in my notebook, an armada 1700. It is not really a
>"PCI" modem, because it does not show in /proc/pci. I believe it is
>something of a ISA modem.
>Now, I upgraded to 2.2.15, and using the same kernel configuration I am
>having problems with it. I can start pppd and it will dial, but when the
>modems CONNECT, I get the following error:
It is difficult to say yet (partly the problem of no source) whether this
ltmodem module is not going to work with newer kernels. There have been
reports of other things occuring with 2.2.15, some involviong pppd and
normal modems and one with the mouse. I get an oops about 50% of the time
but the PC resets the other 50%. Interestingly I can use the modem
with kermit no problem.
>Roberto Jung Drebes <>