Subject: Who has interest in a 3COM linmodem?
From: Ian Carr-de Avelon <>
Date: Wed, 17 May 2000 09:45:09 +0200

"Clark Steed" <> wrote:
>I am a winmodem engineer for 3COM in Salt Lake City.  I work on the team
>that designs MiniPCI combo products(modem and LAN) for notebook and other
>small form factor computers.  We are interested in developing a linux driver
>but wanted to find out what kind of interest there is currently for this
>driver.  Please keep in mind that this driver would be for 3COM MiniPCI (and
>possibly cardbus) combo products and would not work with other 3COM
>winmodems with out a substantial rewrite of the code.  Our plans would be to
>provide a .o file much like the lucent driver.
>Please send me email at if you would like to see
>such a driver.
How much interest? well, how many have you sold? How many of them will be 
in PCs which were bought for Windows and now need to move to Linux?
Obviously there may be someone on the list who has such a card, probably
from an employer, or by mistake and would be pleased if it would work 
with Linux, but this is not really much of an indication for you. It is
in any case an indication of customer dissatisfaction and not of potential
sales. The potential increased sales relates to people considering 
MiniPCI PCs for Linux applications where a modem will needed. Very few
of those people are on this list. People here are interested in:
a) Open source code for modems (mainly just our of personal interest)
b) getting a mistaken purchase to work
c) getting the Winmodems sold (or given "free" with the PC) in very large 
numbers (PCTel, Lucent, Conectix) to work with Linux, to remove one of the 
problems with getting people to move over.
How important is a binary only module for your modems for any of this?
How long are you prepared to support the driver? Linux is not designed
to allow forward compatibility of binary drivers. If you are not 
prepared to produce new drivers for all the new kernels which will be
produced during the life time of the modem (10 years?) then we are
really back to people makeing a mistaken purchase.