Subject: Re: USR Sportster works on Linux!??
From: geddy <>
Date: Tue, 1 Aug 2000 22:17:23 -0300 (BRT)

On Tue, 1 Aug 2000, vpiercy wrote:

> Hi, 

> What do you all think of this online story about a guy who got Linux
> working on a P166 _and_, so the "diary" goes, got his USR Sportster 28.8
> modem to work too without so much as a comment or a problem?

I don't think nothing cause I don't even read. My sportster 14.4k was
working good under Rh 6.2, then I pulled it ou and sticked a new Boca 56k
in its place. Now, it's working in my 486-25 with Slack 7 and stills
> I thought the Sportsters were all winmodems that couldn't work under
> Linux.

A dude of my knowledge told me the same. I proved he was wrong, since the
sportster stills a hard modem (brands sucks sometimes).

> Redhat Linux can't find my Sportster modem (though the modem
> works fine under Win98SE on my dual-boot system).  I tried using Gnome's
> control panel to find get Linux to find it this morning--no luck.  

No, this Gnome panel sucks to find sportster modems... Set it up with your
hands, not with the autoprobing, as the COM (cuax/ttySx) port where the
modem is. In my system it was cua/ttyS2 and IRQ4 (com3/irq4).

Hope yours works...

Regards from Brazil.

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