Subject: Re: An idea using emulation
From: Russell Nelson <>
Date: 23 Apr 1999 21:51:25 -0000

John J. Cruz writes:
 > I'm not sure if you're aware but it is not just the lack of a Linux driver
 > that makes winmodems not good devices to use.     The winmodem I believe
 > lacks a UART and this function is performed by the cpu.  This is one reason
 > you are required to have a Pentium as a minimum.  There are other factors
 > but this is enough reason to buy a real modem.  This trend of designing
 > hardware out of software is spilling into printers, sound cards, etc.

Did you even *read* the web site?  It explains
why a winmodem driver is a good thing in spite of the problems you
outline above.

-russ nelson <>
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