Subject: Re: An idea using emulation
From: Russell Nelson <>
Date: 23 Apr 1999 22:10:31 -0000

Dean Beeler writes:
 > My idea is that this could be used as a start to reverse engineer the
 > U.S. Robotic's DSP, am I correct?

I think that's the wrong path.  I've already gone down that path
( and it was a huge amount of work.  We'd
do better to work with a cooperative winmodem vendor, and use
political power to win the others over.  Linux is hot these days, and
when one vendor announces Linux support, the others feel pressured to
also announce.

A winmodem driver has three chunks of code in it:
  o a codec driver.
  o a modem driver.
  o an AT command set driver.

The first linmodem driver only needs to have the first part; it's the
simplest part; and it's typically not protected by patents.  It all
depends on which vendor is most cooperative.  There are two types of
winmodems: DSP-less and controller-less.  The first does host signal
processing.  The second has a DSP, but that DSP needs to have code
loaded into it, and it needs to have data pumped into it.  It makes
the "modem" part simpler, but the codec driver part doesn't really

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