Subject: Re: An idea using emulation
From: Dean Beeler <>
Date: Fri, 23 Apr 1999 19:51:47 -0400

Being that I was able to get the DOS diagnostics program included with the USR
WinModem drivers to work with the modem under DOSEmu, it could be assumed that if an
install of Windows 3.1 worked, so would the WinModem under it.  Theoretically, the
WinModem would be then "working" in Linux.... So.. my point with this is then that
if some how a "mini-Windows" emulator like Wine could simply load the drivers and
fake Windows enough to convince the driver to operate, all that would be needed
would be a bridge to the Windows driver from Linux.  I know it sounds far fetched,
but thats technically easier to implement than a whole rewrite of an implementation
of the AT command set, modem driver, and codec (all those V. standards too do!).
Any input on my far fetched ideas?