Subject: Ambient Technology
From: Russell Nelson <>
Date: 12 May 1999 04:10:06 -0000

Anybody have any contacts at Ambient Technology (nee Cirrus Logic)?

I've got one of their modems (actually a Jaton using the ambtech
chipset), and it even looks very useful.  Only thing is, when I try to 
talk to it in the manner documented in their .pdf file, I don't get
anything back from the modem.

I've also got an email in to Motorola, trying to get documentation on
their SM56.

Lucent seems to be very helpful, but I failed to buy a modem based on
their chipset when I was at the Trenton Computer Festival.

What seems most promising to me is the modem chipsets that have
integrated full-duplex speakerphone.  That way, you can use a
headset/boom mic combination, or else an amplifier that hooks a
regular telephone handset to SPK/MIC combination.

-russ nelson <>
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