Subject: gnokii & AT emulators
From: Hugh Blemings <>
Date: Mon, 24 May 1999 14:58:32 +1000 (EST)


First a quick introduction/de lurk

I'm involved with an open source project called gnokii, main website of
which is at;

The project is aiming to provide a linux driver for Nokia GSM mobile
phones.  In short we're working on writing a driver that talks the Nokia
proprietary protocol out one side via a physical serial port and on the
other side provides a "virtual modem" interface that emulates a serial
port using pseudo ttys or similar.  A side channel using IP will probably
also be provided to allow monitoring of the phone when a call is in

I write because I see some similarities between what we are trying to
achieve and the linmodem effort - particuarly in the area of AT
command/modem emulation.  We do not need to do realtime mod/demod of audio
as the GSM network is digital anyway, rather we will need to munge data
into/out of GSM frames.  None the less I envisage that there is quite a
lot of common ground.

I'm curious as to what if any work has progressed on the modem emulation
side of things as I'm in the process of writing this myself.  I would of
course be happy to make this code available once it is a little more
advanced or if someone is already well down that path save myself some time
by using prior art as it were!

The document at the URL below whilst a little out of date now gives some
more details as to our planned direction.

Hope this is of interest,


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