Subject: Reasons why the linmodems project is valueable
From: "alshag" <>
Date: Wed, 26 May 1999 18:35:2 -0600

I'm completely new to your project, but the this idea seems interesting.  I
have compiled a few
reasons why this is a really good idea:

1)  A good portion of those who use Linux are students who want something
more powerful than
the crashprone stupidity of a Winbloze '90-whatever, but don't have the
money for something 
more powerful.  When I was building my PC on a tight budget (minimum wage
and teenage car
premiums make for a poor individual), I found Linux to be a very valueable.
For the low cost of
about $10 for the installation CD set at a computer show, I got a super
power Linux system.
However, my only concern is with the lack of hardware support for Linux,
mainly in modems.  All the
low-cost modems available ($40 or less) are only compatible with Windows,
since only Windows
supports the "idiot-chip" system.  I have come this close to caving in,
deleting Linux, and installing
Windows NT for the sake of getting an affordable modem, if not for finding
about this project.

2)  The one reason left that all Windows supporters have for insulting
Linux is that Linux doesn't 
support the most cost-effective hardware.  This issue competely divides the
computer industry.  
This is the last trump card Microsoft has left in the industry.  The
supremacy of their system has been
seriously challenged, they are loosing share of a large part of their
market, and they're learning that
their code is worse than that of Linux.  So what do they do?  Make it
inconveniant for regular users
(those who would use their main product, Winbloze '90-whatever) to do the
regular PC things
like get on the internet with a modem.  Maybe I'm being very paranoid, but
it seems rather 
inconcidental that a majority of the modems on the market (the
cost-efficient one's anyway) can only
be used by computers that have a product made by the industry giant.  True,
this could be considered
fair play but this is just another example of Micro$oft polluting the
industry.  ANYWAY, my point is
that eliminating this advantage of supporting a larger percentage of the
modem market will level
the industry and remove a sizeable portion of Micro$oft's dominance.

These are 2 very good reasons why this project is most important in linux's
development.  The
questions of whether linux could be created have been answered, but the
question of whether the
end result is really useful to most people must be answered now that the
project has a strong footing.
I would love to help in anyway that I can.  However, all I can offer is a
half-finished intel standard
PC with Linux 2.0.9 installed, a couple of free PCI ports, enough money to
purchase a winmodem to
test with, and a very, VERY limited programming skill.  I know about enough
to get my 100 line
text game to compile, but that's just about it.  Still, I'll help you in
any way I can.

-Rich Seagraves
Proffesional Student at MHS (I make $0 a year!)

"Life Sucks, then you die."

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