Subject: Re: Where to start?
From: The Inventor <Michael.Bennett@RedBrick.DCU.IE>
Date: Fri, 9 Apr 1999 12:15:25 +0100 (BST)

> to make a generic winmodem without infringing the IP laws would be to
> write a Linux .VXD loader. According to what I saw in the Windows
> world, many winmodems have a big .VXD driver. I do not know very much
> windows, but VXD drivers may communicate via only a few API calls with

I've been thinking along these lines as well...but I'm only starting to
learn about these things so I can examine the possibility, pointers to
info would be welcome.

A few years ago, in the college I'm based, a guy wrote a
'Framework to Run Windows NT Device Drivers under Solaris x86'. I'm
not sure how well it worked, but I've pulled down the code and
I'll look see :)

If anyone is interested the url for it is:
and the title is as above.

Mike Bennett