Subject: sandbox program idea
From: "alshag" <>
Date: Wed, 2 Jun 1999 8:43:29 -0600

dm>Perhaps it is not necessary to have the Winmodem code rewritten for
>Linux. Perhaps it would be possible to "fake" the Windows environment
>the driver expects to run in. 

What you just described sounds alot like what's happening in the windows 
emulator, or WINE project.  This project was meant to create an emulator
for the 
Xfree86 project to allow those with linux, freebsd, etc. to use windows
So far they are in a kind of "developed alpha" stage where they have a good
amount of code done but they have alot of work left to do.  I have last
years version
installed right now, and can run about half of my non-Directx programs
folks, no advanced games as of yet).  However, they're suite of software is
primarily to answer the calls of a windows application, not a driver.  I
their sight just yesterday, and they said they have absolutely no support

winmodems.  However, since a bulk of the code for their app is already
wouldn't it be easier then starting our own project just add the the
capability to
their emulator for each individual chipset?  

Their site is located at "".  Their software is
GPL and their latest version came out about 2 weeks ago or so.  Like I said
before I'm not much of a programmer but I have a linux box, and I can get a 
winmodem rather easily.

Note, I'm just curious but is it one of the aims of this project that
support for the
PCI ports be added to linux?  I know that there alot of winmodems that use
the ISA port as well, but a majority of the cost-efficient modems use that.

-Rich Seagraves
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