Subject: Re: sandbox program idea
From: Cybrthng <>
Date: Wed, 2 Jun 1999 09:24:59 -0500 (CDT)

Well.. can't we do the same  thing the Linux ISDN support did? i believe
they have proprietary support built in don't they? i'm looking through
some of the doc's right now to see what i can find out.

but maybe working with the isdn4linux group may lead to some answers to
these questions of whats doable.

so many chipsets, so many specific features, it could be two years before
more then 1 of them is supported in a working fashion, and will 56k be
the standard? will it be worth the time to reverse engineer an already
outdated and fading product? hell most of these things don't even work
under NT (including ones that have drivers, they're flakier then hell)

personally, i'd just like to focus development on the system, and make
the companies follow suit.. i think working on a linux 2.4 or 3.x kernel
with USB, XFree86 4 and KDE 2 or Gnome 2. support would be quicker/wiser
and would force hardware manufactures to recognize the linux market
quicker then we could re-invent the wheel.

pushing the development of our existing and future releases and working
for a better product will ultimatly produce the hardware support we need
and probably quicker as i said then re-inventing the wheel.


On Wed, 2 Jun 1999, Adrian Godwin wrote:

> This topic keeps going around on this list : there have been good arguments 
> for and against, but I don't think anyone's tried to work out how hard it
> would be. 
> I know nothing about Windows drivers ...  what's the interface between a
> VxD and the OS ? Can we take a winmodem VxD and list out the hooks it
> uses, just to see the scale of the problem ?
> -adrian