Subject: RE:Re: sandbox program idea
From: "alshag" <>
Date: Thu, 3 Jun 1999 8:46:35 -0600

True, by the time this group manages to support ALL winmodem chipsets,
the entire planet will have switched to 128k ISDN lines anyway.  However,
are alot of very cheap winmodems out there that many of us would like to 
purchase.  Right not I could get a very reliable winmodem for $27 dollars,
but I can't use it so instead I have to pay $60 for a reliable external
that will add more of a mess to my desktop and end up adding to my overall
powerbill.  However, there can't be that many chipsets.  What we should do
pick one that is probably the most widespread, then develop for that one.
Afterall, for all the chipsets there are, only a couple are really
True, it could be left to corporations to release technical details or
alternate drivers, but then why didn't they just do that in the first
place?  I have to
say that the development of soft-signal modem technology would be very
beneficial to companies such as Micro$oft that have been documented as
saying that they would change standards and protocols to squeeze 
FSF style software out of the market.

Just another thought, but as to this sandbox/interpretter type program,
it have to be a kind of deamon setup that sits in memory and listens for MS
Window system calls?  That would rule out the WINE interpretter, since WINE
isn't a deamon, but instead is called at runtime and treats windows
executables like BASIC programs, reading the calls and interpretting to the
system.  In order to set up a sandbox program, you'd have to make a
startup script that first called the sandbox to listen for signals, then
kill the
process when said user is done talking to the winmodem.  This could get 
complicated, especially with as many applications there are for modems, 
or with all the ideas alone posted on the front of the Linmodems project 

-Rich Seagraves
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