Subject: RE:WinSand
From: "alshag" <>
Date: Thu, 3 Jun 1999 9:0:50 -0600

Whoa, you've already started?!?  Shoot, I am behind the ball.  If you get
workable, send it around.  I can at present get ahold of a winmodem with
relative ease.  From what this sandbox idea suggests, it seems as if extra
drivers are unneccessary since they would effectively become linux
that could handle winmodem operations.  

db>I was suggesting the whole "fake" a wrapper for the WinModem drivers
>long before it was popular but since I failed to get anyone's attention
>back then, 
Sorry.  I just joined last week, so I'm pretty new to the project.

db>could be implemented to allow users to install their
>WinModems (now LinModems) as easily as they did under Windoze 95.  Once
>the VxD connects to our simulated COMM.VxD, our service would represent
>itself as one of the serial character devices in Linux, /dev/cua2 or
>something and away we go.  There are several advantages to this
Sounds great.  Just curious, but where does this group but finished
Is there an ftp bin yet?

db>I don't
>know who said that Wine can't run Direct-X programs, but I run the
>Windows 95 Quake II full screen in Linux with it with no problems.
I said that.  I'm sorry, I must be using last years version because whenever
I try to play Quake II my system lights up then displays about 50
error messages and crashes.

db>Perhaps you should download and compile the new source.  It does take
>quite a bit to compile on ones own system (160MB for me).
Sure.  I'll probably be getting my new modem by the end of this week.  I
be able to do much at all until after my semester ends.  I can start the
(I think I can find the time since I'll only have an hour of school that
day).  Where
is the latest source located.  And just out of curiousity, but could wine be
tweaked to act like a deamon, so that you don't have to continuously call it
to run your program, but instead have it sit in the background waiting for
Windows OS calls?

-Rich Seagraves
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