Subject: Re: WinSand
From: Dean Beeler <>
Date: Thu, 03 Jun 1999 18:35:48 -0500

alshag wrote:

> Whoa, you've already started?!?  Shoot, I am behind the ball.  If you get
> anything
> workable, send it around.  I can at present get ahold of a winmodem with
> relative ease.  From what this sandbox idea suggests, it seems as if extra
> drivers are unneccessary since they would effectively become linux
> executables
> that could handle winmodem operations.

As of right now, for simplicity sake, I've just been trying to get a system
setup where I can fake a COMM.VxD driver that can interface with a regular
serial port driver.  Once I have that, plugging WinModem drivers into it
shouldn't be much more difficult, save hunting down strange IRQs and I/O Ports
to make them usable in Linux.  I should have something presentable within
atleast a couple of weeks.  I work full time so I don't have as much time as I
wished I did.

> Sure.  I'll probably be getting my new modem by the end of this week.  I
> won't
> be able to do much at all until after my semester ends.  I can start the
> 16th
> (I think I can find the time since I'll only have an hour of school that
> day).  Where
> is the latest source located.

Wine is availible at  The source itself is about 5MB, but in
compiling it generates object files in excess of 160MB.  It also takes a good
deal of time to compile, so if you want I could just send you my compiled
distribution if you are interested.  (In Linux 2.2.6-5x86)

>  And just out of curiousity, but could wine be
> tweaked to act like a deamon, so that you don't have to continuously call it
> to run your program, but instead have it sit in the background waiting for
> Windows OS calls?

Presently this is done several ways...  One, you can load Explorer (yes, it
runs!) or Program Manager and run your other Windows programs as needed.  Or, as
the way I do it most often, I just have wine in my path and when I run a Windows
app, I just type "wine netscape.exe" in the program's respective directory.  As
for Linux detecting a LE style executable and running with it, this would
require kernel support or a module.  Possible, but not really worth the
effort... since the only time Wine works is when have an X server running as
well.  (In that case, why not just run Explorer?)