Subject: Re: Discussion group information.
From: Jeff Garzik <>
Date: Sun, 06 Jun 1999 14:34:57 -0400

Dean Beeler wrote:
> I've begun working on a VxD loader for Linux and I would like to know
> who can help me in my development of it.  If possible, could everybody
> who wants to please reply to the discussion group with some needed
> information.  The following is an example of what I need (this discribes
> my perspective on the situation).  Please be honest.

I am interested in helping you develop support for non-x86 systems, once
the project gets further along.  My environment is Linux/Alpha, and I've
been coding for quite a while now.

FWIW, I think the best way to get people to help is to (a) have code
people can play with, no matter how limited, and (b) be willing to
answer questions about the code [if the people show real interest, at
least].  And don't forget we do this in our "spare time"  ;-)


> Computer:
> Processor: AMD K6-266 64MB
> Operating Systems: Windows 95 Rev B and Linux 2.2.6 with glibc and X11
> File Systems: 2GB VFAT32, 1GB ext2fs
> Modems: 56K PCTel WinModem, 33.6K US Robotics WinModem, 14.4K
>                 E-Tech Bullet Modem.
> Programming Experience:
> Mostly PC Internals, more hardware than software.  Stronger in DOS and
> Linux than
> Windows.  Writes in pretty much in C and in Linux when at all possible.
> Dean