Subject: Re: Discussion group information.
From: Richard <>
Date: Mon, 07 Jun 1999 00:01:37 -0400

Dean Beeler wrote:

> I've begun working on a VxD loader for Linux and I would like to know
> who can help me in my development of it.  If possible, could everybody
> who wants to please reply to the discussion group with some needed
> information.  The following is an example of what I need (this discribes
> my perspective on the situation).  Please be honest.

 I would like to get involved. My portfolio:

    Cyrix 333 (233 clock) 64 Mb RAM, IBM 200 (166 clock) 24 Mb RAM, plus
other 486/386 machines.
Operating systems:
    Linux, Redhat 5.2 with updated glibc, egcs etc.
    Lucent HV90P based 56KFlex PCI modem, Unknown brand Rockwell chipped
28K ISA modem.
Programming Experience:
   Mostly high level stuff for UNIX platforms. Spend first 3 years of
working life doing Microelectronics
stuff using Assembly code. Recently been doing VB6 on NT4.0 :-( Lots of
experience messing around
with PC bits and pieces. Very good working knowledge of Linux.

 My interest is in the Lucent based telephonic interface cards, I have
started compiling a data base of the
PCI based Lucent cards. If anyone wants to mail me with your "cat
/proc/pci" output (or lspci -vvx) I
would be grateful.