Subject: Computer Stats
From: "alshag" <>
Date: Sun, 6 Jun 1999 18:19:35 -0600

Here's my info.  Note I'm not quite online yet (I'm still borrowing time on
my folks computer till I
get an ISP).  Here goes

Processor: Intel Pentium-MMX 166mghz
Operating Systems: Linux 2.0.9 (unknown library system) and X11, FreeDOS
(Beta 3 release)
File Systems: 100MB FAT16, 1.6GB ext2fs
Modem: 56K external, soon to get a 56k PCI internal Lucent or Rockwell
chipset (a super-cheap

Programming experience:
   I've got a little (Very little) experience coding.  I can read and
interpret some C source code, and
can write simple C applications, shell scripts (well aquainted with BASIC).

Would be more interested in testing, since I won't be much help with coding
at this level.

-Rich Seagraves
Proffesional Student at MHS (I make $0 a year!)

"Life Sucks, then you die."

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