Subject: Re: Response
From: Jeff Garzik <>
Date: Sun, 06 Jun 1999 20:59:10 -0400

Dean Beeler wrote:
> I am incredibly surprised with the response!  Aparently the two major
> modems to be worked on will be the PCtel and Lucent brands.  I was
> unaware as to the existance of non-x86 WinModems.  I had no idea NT
> could support WinModems.  No problem.  I am semi-familiar with NT's
> completely different driver spec.  Anyway, very soon I will be uploading
> the beginnings of the VxD loader for Linux.

Sparc, Alpha, and PowerPC all support PCI, which means they all support
PCI winmodems.  Unfortunately they cannot execute x86 code without the
help of an x86 emulator.

Are you familiar with the Windows-based tools at ?

These tools, for both Win95 and NT, allow you to "snoop" on a VxD and
watch its port activity, and other stuff.  This kind of information will
be invaluable in debugging a VxD loader.

> I decided to start over
> from scratch and not use Wine code for clarity reasons.

Good idea!   ;-)   (I've read a lot of the source)

Though their header files are quite nice and info-packed.