Subject: Re: Discussion group information.
From: Sachin Khadilkar <>
Date: Sun, 06 Jun 1999 19:11:35 PDT

I am ready to help. I can also spare some time for 2 weeks.

Here is my profile :

Computer :
Pentium 166 Mhz , 64MB Ram, Win 98 and RH Linux 5.2 .

Programming :
Can code in C, C++, Java etc. on both Unix and Windows. Have been doing it 
for quite a while now.

Just send me some starting stuff folks and I can work on it even afterhours, 
I just need a starting point :-)

I have been looking into doing this for some time myself, but did not know 
where to start. You have done a great job by atleast sending this mail.

By the way do we just load the VxD into memory and then hook into it to make 
calls too the various functions within the VxD ?
Does anyone know the VxD format? is it a Microsoft PE format file?

BTW I will start reading the stuff about MS Win98 DDK, which might explain 
what the VxD format is and how to go about interpreting it.

I was looking at some stuff when i ran the VxDmon program from
looks pretty good it actually tells you what the function calls were like. 
It really helps.

- Sachin

>From: Dean Beeler <>
>Subject: Discussion group information.
>Date: Sun, 06 Jun 1999 13:04:35 -0500
>I've begun working on a VxD loader for Linux and I would like to know
>who can help me in my development of it.  If possible, could everybody
>who wants to please reply to the discussion group with some needed
>information.  The following is an example of what I need (this discribes
>my perspective on the situation).  Please be honest.
>Processor: AMD K6-266 64MB
>Operating Systems: Windows 95 Rev B and Linux 2.2.6 with glibc and X11
>File Systems: 2GB VFAT32, 1GB ext2fs
>Modems: 56K PCTel WinModem, 33.6K US Robotics WinModem, 14.4K
>                 E-Tech Bullet Modem.
>Programming Experience:
>Mostly PC Internals, more hardware than software.  Stronger in DOS and
>Linux than
>Windows.  Writes in pretty much in C and in Linux when at all possible.

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