Subject: Re: Response
From: Mike Andrews <>
Date: Mon, 7 Jun 1999 12:35:30 -0400 (EDT)

Would it make things any easier/harder to write a shim for NT WDM drivers
instead of for VxD's?  My understanding is that VxD's don't work on NT
(unless they've added that to Windows 2000) but NT drivers now (partially)
work on Windows 98...

Since eventually everything will be heading that way, and since at least
Lucent and 3Com winmodems have NT drivers (not sure about
Rockwell/Conexant or PCtel) it might be a better way to go in the long

On the other hand, I've never written a device driver for either platform
myself...  or if any of the VxD snoopers mentioned already can handle WDM
drivers too...

If it helps, 3com even has a Windows 3.1 driver for their Winmodems :)
(Probably implemented as a VxD)

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On Sun, 6 Jun 1999, Dean Beeler wrote:

> I am incredibly surprised with the response!  Aparently the two major
> modems to be worked on will be the PCtel and Lucent brands.  I was
> unaware as to the existance of non-x86 WinModems.  I had no idea NT
> could support WinModems.  No problem.  I am semi-familiar with NT's
> completely different driver spec.  Anyway, very soon I will be uploading
> the beginnings of the VxD loader for Linux.  I decided to start over
> from scratch and not use Wine code for clarity reasons.
> Dean