Subject: Re: WinModem Driver for Linux?
From: Modemch <>
Date: 07 Jun 1999 18:18:33 -0400

Jeff Garzik <> writes:

> At this point there are a couple options.
> * Use existing docs (this should work for Lucent chipsets at least) and
> reverse engineering tools such as the free ones at
> to figure out how to control the winmodem
> card's DSP and codec.  This won't get you a modem, but it will get you a
> driver that will let you do nifty things with phones, like voicemail. 
> You can perhaps use code in the ISDN subsystem and elsewhere to
> construct a simple 2400 baud modem.

Isn't there a driver for a "SoundBlaster" modem in the recent kernels?
IIRC, it can do 9600 bps, so changing that driver to use a different DSP
might be a better way to do this.