Subject: Re: Linmodems - a possible solution
From: Russell Nelson <>
Date: 10 Apr 1999 20:11:10 -0000

Fabrice Bellard writes:
 > - Write a small low level driver for the data pump (manage IRQs,
 > communication with the data pump, code upload). This driver must be
 > under the GPL licence so that it is easily included in the kernel and
 > checked by many people so that it is stable.

And write some simple software on top, for example, to go on hook, off
hook, play an audio file, and record an audio file, and record while
playing.  That's 90% of what a voice modem needs.

 > I think we could convince several modem makers to do so. It can be only
 > a benefit for them, and most of the work could be provided by Linux
 > hackers.

Right, but it means prying documentation out of them.  I tried with
PCTel, but didn't get too far.  Anybody have any hooks into them?

 > However, it is not totally in the Free Software Spirit...

That's fine.  Very few people think that *all* software must be freed

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