Subject: VxD loaders...
From: Nagumo Shima <>
Date: Tue, 08 Jun 1999 10:27:42 PDT

I have a somewhat working VxD loader that I had been working on.  It loads 
everything and relocates it correctly.  The problem I ran into was that most 
(all?) VxDs reference VMM32.VXD, which is pretty much the windows kernel, 
and I wasn't going to try to load that one.  There is a big difference 
between loading one and making it actually run. :)

Maybe the time would be better spent reverse engineering these things than 
trying to load windows drivers for them.  That only gives these companies 
more incentive to keep the documentation secret.

I for one wouldn't use a winmodem as a modem even if I had a GPL'd driver 
for it.  They are really kewl for all of the telephony things you could do 
with them though.

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