Subject: Re: VxD loaders...
From: Jeff Garzik <>
Date: Tue, 08 Jun 1999 13:37:08 -0400

Nagumo Shima wrote:
> I have a somewhat working VxD loader that I had been working on.  It loads
> everything and relocates it correctly.  The problem I ran into was that most
> (all?) VxDs reference VMM32.VXD, which is pretty much the windows kernel,
> and I wasn't going to try to load that one.  There is a big difference
> between loading one and making it actually run. :)
> Maybe the time would be better spent reverse engineering these things than
> trying to load windows drivers for them.  That only gives these companies
> more incentive to keep the documentation secret.

There will always be value in using the Windows driver subsystem,
because there will always be more Windows drivers and Linux drivers (at
least in the short term).

As I said in my previous message, some VXDs will have to be
internalized.  VMM32 functions would have to be implemented in a Linux
VxD loader for example.  Ditto with VCOMM, if we want to use WinModem

Take a look at WINE, they have probably done a little bit of work in
this direction.

I also think it is a good time to turn this "VxD loader" into a serious
project of its own, announce it, and get some more people working on
it.  Definitely get the WINE people's input on this before doing that,

Any good project needs:
	* A Web site
	* An FTP site
	* A couple mailing lists
	* A CVS server
	* A maintainer (or two or three)