Subject: Re: VxD loaders...
From: Dan Kegel <>
Date: Tue, 08 Jun 1999 10:58:33 -0700

Jeff Garzik wrote:
> There will always be value in using the Windows driver subsystem,
> because there will always be more Windows drivers and Linux drivers (at
> least in the short term).

There is a fairly good chance that writing an environment that
can use those drivers will take a very long time.

We need to follow both tracks: those who want to do a 
"winmodem driver loader" should go ahead.  At the same time,
we need to start reverse engineering those drivers.
The patron saint of's original proposal
was to do just enough reverse engineering to write a GPL'd
Linux driver for a particular winmodem card that could
be used for voice I/O.  That is the right course for the long term,
and I encourage people to start on it now.

> Any good project needs:
>         * A Web site
>         * An FTP site
>         * A couple mailing lists
>         * A CVS server
>         * A maintainer (or two or three)

Nope.  A good project really only needs a good programmer.
If there is more than one good programmer, they need email
to communicate with each other.  The rest is only needed
for really big projects.
- Dan