Subject: Re: Where to start?
From: Mike Bennett <Michael.Bennett@RedBrick.DCU.IE>
Date: Mon, 12 Apr 1999 22:06:44 +0100 (BST)

> Does any of the old wine source have any code for loading vxd's? if i'm not
> mistaken

I'm not sure about that - it one of the things that on my to do list.

> but it would even be suffecient enough to have wine be able to load the
> drivers some how or

At this stage I cannot answer that, and but hopefully I'll know within
the next few weeks

> btw: on the freesoftware bazaar i put up a bounty of 500.00 for help on this
> stuff :) and i have a few winmodems laying around i could pass on to
> people..

In regards to whether its possible to use VxDs from Win95 it looks like
some type of dynamic rewritter would be required to handle the fact that
VxDs are probably at ring 0/kernel level under Win95. Also there is the
issue that a fair number of them have chunks written in assembly.

The miniport loader for Solaris, that I mentioned before, makes sense now.
Under NT you have a Hardware Access Layer (refered to as HAL) that
provides a generic API abstraction of hardware that miniport drivers
use - the question is how do other drivers access hardware? I presume
they are run in kernel mode and talk directly to the hardware? Yet, I'm
not sure of this, doesn't DSP require quite an amount of floating point
and only graphics drivers are allowed to do kernel floating point
under NT (or thats what the documents say :)

Therefore whats needed is to provide upper and lower edge API the question is are there any winmodem driver's, for NT,
that are miniport drivers???

BTW I've probably made a few wrong assumptions, as I'm only learning
about this stuff as I go, any pointers to more documentation appreciated 

With regard to implementing a GNU softmodem - thats a far better
idea then using windows drivers, if a tad complex. Maybe implementing
a controllerless winmodem and then a software winmodem would be the
route to go (ref.

An interesting link is 'Guidelines for WDM-based Software Modems':

To understand, or at least begin understanding, the Windows driver
models check out:

With regard to the GNU software modem what type of knowledge would
be required/should be learn?

Take care,