Subject: Re: Non-winmodems
From: "John J. Cruz" <>
Date: Thu, 10 Jun 1999 16:59:39 -0400

How well does the SupraExpress 56i "real modem" work?  I thought the best and
only worth while real modem to buy for Linux use was Robotics model 5687 ($100
after $20 rebate). Who and where did you buy it?

john j cruz wrote:

> Hi all,
> Finally I gave up the idea of waiting for the linux driver of winmodems,
> and got a Non-Winmodem from Diamond Multimedia, Inc.
> (  $24.95, free shipping.  SupraExpress 56i.
> K56flex but flash upgradable to V.90 (I did).  Works well under Linux.
> This is trying to help those who needs modem under Linux urgently, but has
> no intention to stop our endeavor to develop the linux driver for
> winmodems.
> Regards,