Subject: Re: Non-winmodems
From: "R Sivakumar"<>
Date: Fri, 11 Jun 1999 08:44:57 GMT

> writes:
> > Finally I gave up the idea of waiting for the linux driver of winmodems,

> > and got a Non-Winmodem from Diamond Multimedia, Inc.
>If that's why you're here, go away.  You're just wasting your time.
>I have no intention of turning a winmodem into a modem.  It's a
>telephony interface device, nothing more.  On the other hand, a
>winmodem makes a much cheaper single-line telephony interface than
>anything labelled "Computer Telephony".

Did I miss something here? Is the aim to write a driver to use a winmodem under
linux as a modem or as a computer telephony device. I hope it is the former.
If not could someone tell me of a discussion group which tries to get a winmodem
working as a regular modem.

Thanks in advance for any replies.

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